I held out as long as I could, but alas, I could hold out no longer.  The need to have one became greater than my desire to avoid one.  I actually told the 6 guy responsible for the phones that I was going to hold out as long as I could, so when went into […]

My Friend! My Friend!

March 29th, 2012

Hey Captain!  How are you, my friend!? That was how we were greeted as soon as we left the gate. Today was a serial meeting type of day, only the different meetings were on different bases.  Two of them were basically right next door and we were able to walk from one to the other. […]

NBA All-Stars

March 28th, 2012

So whatever the opposite of “All-Star” is, yea that’s me :). It’s been a fairly busy week, with a little bit more travel than normal, but this afternoon a good group of us managed to find some time to play basketball.  First it was shop against shop, but there were six of us and ten […]

The Simple Luxuries

March 24th, 2012

I was talking to a MAJ friend of mine about the different camps in the area. I mentioned my favorite one was the one with indoor plumbing. That’s something of a luxury around here, especially with camps on the edge of town. I think our camp only has it in the DFAC. Maybe some of […]

Trying a Video

March 21st, 2012

It took all night, but I managed to upload a video of the Pass in Review from the Mongolian Transfer of Authority.  Before I do that, though, I would like to revisit the alleged killings.  I say “alleged” because he has not been convicted yet and that is the phrase the media uses.  Anyway, some […]

Partners In Rhyme

March 20th, 2012

Sorry I have not updated in a few days…things have been pretty busy, lately.  I have not heard back from Terry Jones, nor do I expect to. I’ve been off base a good bit lately, and today I had the honor of attending a “Transfer of Authority” (TOA) ceremony for the Mongolian Expeditionary Task Force […]

I’m not sure if any of you remember the pastor from FL who threatened to burn korans on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, but he recently issued a press release stating that if Iran did not release the pastor it convicted and is threatening to execute by 28 April 2012, he would burn a koran […]

The Crisis That Wasn’t

March 14th, 2012

Stacee is probably going to kill me when she reads this.  See, we were chatting early this morning and I told her I had to go because I had a meeting.  This was 100% factual and accurate.  However, I may…ummm…have forgotten to mention that the meeting was on another base… I got to travel a bit […]

More News

March 12th, 2012

By now, I am sure you all have seen news about the tragedy that took place down south.  I mean the US soldier who (allegedly – according to media sources) killed some Afghani civilians.  This truly is a tragedy in the very sense of the word.  Reports vary depending on the source…anywhere from a handful […]

So I was supposed to go to a meeting at another FOB this morning.  I was standing next to the lead vehicle, waiting for the convoy brief, when one of my fellow passengers walked by…in PT gear.  I asked if he was coming with us and he informed me that the mission had been cancelled. […]