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I am getting way to much spam on this blog.  I tried moderating the comments.  I tried banning IP addresses.  I am getting inundated.  I tried restricting comments to registered users.  I am afraid I must turn off the comment function, at least for now.

I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone.  I will try waiting a while and see if I can open this blog up to comments in the future.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to stem the tide, please feel free to contact me through the book’s Facebook page (link up top).

I appreciate your understanding.

Galaxis History

Late in the 21st century humans started searching the galaxy, sending probes and unmanned missions.  They made a lot of noise, asking “is anybody out there?”

In 2117, somebody answered.  A race known as the Vorrid struck Earth, one of the few planets left in the galaxy that was rich in resources.  The Vorrid hit quickly, without warning.  The human race united like never before in order to combat this new threat.  Alien technology was re-engineered and genetic experiments created the perfect warriors to face the Vorrid in battle.

The war raged on for decades and spread throughout the galaxy.  The human race expanded, capturing territory, creating outposts and making their presence known.  It was a brutal fight with their genetically engineered warriors making many gains.  Finally, the humans fought the Vorrid to a standstill.  A truce was signed and the war ended.

Two hundred years later, the war but a memory , the genetically engineered race flourished and broke from their ancestors calling themselves the Cadien.  There was an uneasy peace among races but the entire galaxy was dying and efforts quickly turned to survival.

With human ingenuity and Vorrid technology new methods to travel were created and none too soon.  Humans, Cadien and the Vorrid all pushed further than they ever thought was possible and a distant galaxy was discovered that appeared to be untouched by any race. This galaxy was named Galaxis.

Contest #3: Like the Page – Win a Book!

The last contest was a success, with over three hundred people tweeting about Galaxis!  Some people mentioned that they do not have twitter, so this contest is just for them (and anyone else on Facebook)!

Between now through Halloween, all you have to do is like the Galaxis Book Facebook page, and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a copy of Galaxis: The Settling of Lornia!

Wait a minute! you say…

I already like the page! you say…

That’s wonderful!!  You are a cut above the rest, and are already entered!!  As a token of my appreciation for your support, there is absolutely nothing you need to do.  Just sit back and see if you win and know that you have my thanks :).

If you do not already like the page, then now is your chance!  There is a link at the top of the blog post, so click on the link and then “like” it and you are entered to win!

The number of prizes will be determined by the total number of likes at the end of the contest.  Here is the breakdown:

1-50 Likes: 1 Prize
51-100 Likes: 2 Prizes
101-150 Likes: 4 Prizes
151-200 Likes: 6 Prizes

What if you get more than 200 likes?  That’s a good question.  I’m trying to keep things realistic given the short time frame, but if there are more than 200 likes, I will add in other prizes to go along with the free book.

Thank you to everyone who made Contest #2 a success.  Good luck in Contest #3!!

Contest #2: Congratulations to the Winner!

Congratulations!!  Willow Sorna has won a free copy of “Galaxis: The Settling of Lornia.”

Contest #2 officially ended at midnight last night.  Throughout the week, 320 people sent a tweet and were automatically entered in the contest.  That was far more successful than I had anticipated.

Some people noted that they did not have twitter and thus were unable to enter.  By going through Amazon, the choices were limited.  The next contest will go through Facebook, and then possibly one for Instagram and another for LinkedIn.

The next contest will be announced in a few days, so stay tuned!

Contest #2: Send a Tweet – Win a Book!

I’m going to be honest, the first contest did not draw the attention that I had hoped it would.  That is ok, though.  Some ideas will work, some may not.  That does not mean I give up, it means I move to the next idea.

Which leads me to the point of this post.  The next contest!

This is really simple.  All you have to do is send a tweet.  That’s it!  Once you do that, you are automatically entered into a contest to win a FREE copy of “Galaxis: The Settling of Lornia.”

Click on this link:

Follow the instructions to send the tweet and you are automatically entered!  It’s that simple!

If this contest succeeds, I’ll run another one with more prizes, which means bigger chances of winning!  Good luck and than you for your support of Galaxis!

Next Step Moving Forward

The book is out in print and available in eBook.  That is very exciting!  There is one more format that I am exploring:  Audio Book.  By publishing the book through Amazon, it was easy to move over to Audible.

Audible runs the ACX, where authors and producers can connect to collaborate on projects.  Today I registered with ACX and prepared an audition script for prospective producers.  Now, I will be seeking producers to partner with to narrate and record the book.

Once I find a producer, I will be sending him the full manuscript.  I am not sure how long the process will take, as this is new territory for me.  Still, I am very excited to be moving forward with the next phase.

If anybody knows of any producers who specialize in audiobooks, please let me know.  I am eager to move forward to the next phase and work with someone to get Galaxis: The Settling of Lornia released in an Audio Book format.