Next Step Moving Forward

The book is out in print and available in eBook.  That is very exciting!  There is one more format that I am exploring:  Audio Book.  By publishing the book through Amazon, it was easy to move over to Audible.

Audible runs the ACX, where authors and producers can connect to collaborate on projects.  Today I registered with ACX and prepared an audition script for prospective producers.  Now, I will be seeking producers to partner with to narrate and record the book.

Once I find a producer, I will be sending him the full manuscript.  I am not sure how long the process will take, as this is new territory for me.  Still, I am very excited to be moving forward with the next phase.

If anybody knows of any producers who specialize in audiobooks, please let me know.  I am eager to move forward to the next phase and work with someone to get Galaxis: The Settling of Lornia released in an Audio Book format.