Acronym Dictionary

While decribing my adventure, I will be using may terms that could be unfamiliar to some.  Below is a list of common acronyms.  The list will continue to expand as time goes on.  If you read an acronym in one of my posts that is not here, then please let me know and I will add it.

ACH – Advanced Combat Helmet
BSG – Base Support Group
DFAC – Dining Facility
DMD – Deployment Manning Document
DPW – Directorate of Public Works
HVT – High Value Target
IBA – Intermediate Ballistics Assembly
IOTV – Improved Outer Tactical Vest
LBV – Load Bearing Vest
OIC – Officer in Charge
NCOIC – Non-commissioned Officer in Charge
PMT – Pre-Mobilzation Training
PX – Post Exchange
RIP – Relief In Place
SRP – Soldier Readiness Processing
TOA – Transfer Of Authority