New Discussion Forum!

With Ash Wednesday, starts the season of Lent. Traditionally, people tend to give something up for the season, the idea being you make a small sacrifice to help bring you closer to God. This year, I decided to give up my personal use of Facebook for Lent. I’ve given up social media in the past and always been better off it. Facebook is the only social media I have left, so I gave it up.

Please note I said “personal use.” I will maintain my podcast (although I did have to skip the last episode due to everything I need to do to prepare for my adventure), and continue to post encouraging memes on my Facebook Page, but even then, my time on the Facebook will be limited.

It was pointed out to me, that with such a major transition occurring for my family and I, that avoiding social media for Lent may not be the best thing. It is difficult to update people outside of social media these days, and while I love email…providing the same update a dozen or three times can be tedious, where as one Facebook post would accomplish the same thing.

While I do understand that argument, and I realize the timing isn’t ideal, I have noticed my mental health is much better when I avoid social media. However, there is a solution! The idea was suggested to me a by a good friend over email, and it makes a lot of sense: Discussion forums!

I have created a discussion forum section on this blog. The link is at the top of the page. The forums will cover everything the blog does, expat experiences, podcasting principals, literary levity and Christian community. Now, I do realize that I have friends who have many different views, on many different topics, so I have created a few rules for the forum:

1)  Be nice!  There are different sections to this forum, and each will likely attract a different group of people.  There will be all sorts of views and beliefs present.  Please be kind and respectful.  

2) No spam!  With any blog or forum, keeping out spam is tough.  You will need to satisfy a captcha to register and will have to use that for your first five posts. 

3) No hate!  This kind of goes in line with rules 1 and 2, but when discussing and especially when disagreeing, do so in a respectful manner. Let’s make this a place of fun and relaxation!

4) Links – Posting of links can be handy when discussing various topics. They can also lead to spam. In order to post links, you will need to make five posts first.

5) Use your judgment.  Obviously, no set of rules will encompass every situation, and I do not want this forum to be a disciplinary board.  Please be nice, have fun, relax and relate.  Let’s have some fun and lively discussions in a friendly atmosphere.  Thanks!!

Basically, it boils down to be nice to each other, and let’s have some fun discussions in a friendly atmosphere. You will need to register to use the forum, so please register today and make your first post! Then subscribe to your feed, or come and check back often!