My First Deployment

Posted October 19th, 2011 by Todd

After 17 years of being affiliated with the military in some form or fashion, I am on my way to my first deployment with the National Guard.  I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical at first.  I am not deploying with my own unit, but rather with the unit that we will be relieving.

They had tried to send me earlier, but the idea was shot down before it even got off the ground.  That is why, until recently, I was rather skeptical about going early, instead of with my own unit.  What changed?  I received a phone call from the unit I will be deploying with.  From the person I will be working for, actually.  I do not have my orders yet, but they are expecting me and have me on their deployment manning document (DMD).  They have also assigned me some training that I need to accomplish before our pre-mobilization training (PMT).

I think it hit home at that point.  I’m going to the other side of the world in less than 60 days.  I’ve been deployed before; I’ve been away from my family before.  However, this is the first time I will be on the ground in Afghanistan.  This will also be the longest I have been away from my family since, well, since we’ve been a family.

I decided to start this blog more of a personal journal of sorts and to share my experience with my family and friends.  Mainly it will be for myself though…a place I can unwind, vent, whine, complain, relax and simply be myself.  I’m sure at some point over the course of the next year or so, I will offend just about everybody.  I may be arrogant, I may be thin-skinned, I may be glib, I may be whiney, I may be preachy or I just may be.  My intention is certainly not to offend, but I plan on being pretty open about how I feel, so I am sure that offense will come to some one at some point.  If, or rather when, that happens, please accept my apologies up front.

Posts will be fairly slow for now, but once training starts in earnest…and definitely once I am mobilized, I will post as often as I can.  Until then, please feel free to offer any advice you care to.

2 Responses to “My First Deployment”

  1. Sister

    Thank you for creating this blog for people to be able to “keep up with you.” We will pray for your safety and peace of mind.

    Meanwhile, since you will be leaving in less than two months, it would be a treat if you and your beautiful family could find a bit of time to head east for a visit. I know that Mommie and Daddie would be pleased, and I miss you. 8^)

  2. Van

    My prayers follow you, Stacee and the babes as always my brother.