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The Expansion of Lornia

Their enemy defeated, the residents of Lornia have rebuilt and expanded. Their alliance has grown, their planet is prospering...until an old enemy with vengence on his mind arises in the galaxy. An enemy who will stop at nothing to bring Lornia to their knees! Follow Lorn and your favorite characters as they make new friends and face old enemies. With an enemy so bent on vengence, it's not only their survival, but possibly the fate of the entire galaxy is on the line!

Status: Manuscript is currently 40% complete.

The Secret of the Blue Caverns

An ancient evil, once defeated, is again on the rise. A group of mismatched adventurers, assembled by the Overlord, meets in seemingly coincidental circumstance. A town attacked by an overwhelming army of vile orcs and goblins. A powerful mage seeking to control the known world. Our adventurers must learn to work together, and overcome their own shortcomings. Then they must track down this ancient evil and defeat it for all time. Only together do they have the strength needed to overcome what will be the most difficult, and deadly, battle. Not just for their own lives, but for the fate of the world!

Co-Authored with Charlie Tipton

Status: Manuscript is currently 20% complete.