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Release Date: September 2018



A mysterious ship appears on their scanners. The explorers hail the ship, and get no response. The mysterious ship open fires and after a valiant battle, with most of the crew killed, LT Lorn, a minor bridge officer, signals abandon ship. Two shuttles escape, but only one survives the destruction of their ship. Watching his commander and his best friend die, Lorn assumes command of the mission and leads his people through many trials to settle, prosper and defeat any enemy that seeks nothing short of their complete annihilation!

Release Date: October 2019 (3rd Ed.)



Start your day off right! Have coffee with your Savior. What better way to start your day? Coffee With Jesus is an eight week long morning devotional that stresses your walk with Him. It is designed to help you grow closer to Him as you reflect on His life and yours. Short enough to do over your morning coffee, but filling enough to aid you in your Christian walk, this devotional covers such topics as submission to His will, humility, unity, and many more!