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Below are some movie reviews I have written for Grace Centered Magazine. some of the movies were real good...others, not so much. If you are planning on seeing any of the movies below, check out my review!

The Good Shepherd:

The movie fails to keep the viewers attention and goes on about 45 minutes longer than it needs to. If this movie had been a rental instead of a theatre going experience, it would have been returned unfinished...[More]

Spiderman 3:

This was a movie I wanted to enjoy, a movie I wanted to like. Sadly, I was disappointed on both counts. I am sorry to say that this film lacked the magic of the first two. It did not live up to the hype surrounding it or the standards set by the first two Spiderman movies...[More]

Delta Farce:

Even with the increasing ticket prices of today, this movie was worth the price of admission. I think the best way to describe it would be as a cross between The Three Amigos and Hamburger Hill. If that comedy and that war movie got together and had a kid, it would be called Delta Farce...[More]

Shrek The Third:

There were plenty of pull no punches jokes at pop culture, like the other two, including many nods to the actors and actresses voicing the characters, but some of the warmth was missing...Though they could have done more with this film, you should still expect to laugh, a lot...[More]