The Adventure Begins

I said my heart-wrenching goodbyes to my family and started on my new adventure. The first leg begins at the nearest airport hub. There will be a few different hops, with couple of different stops all the way. I left my house at early this morning and will arrive at my final destination after a day and a half of travel. Talk about exhausting!

Leaving was tough…tougher than I thought it would be. We have an expression when starting something new, “Nervcited.” A portmantua of nervous and excited. I think for this trip, we have an addition to make the word Nervsadcited. I am sad to be leaving my family, excited to start my new adventure and a little nervous about both.

Even my college boys awoke at the crack of dawn in order to say goodbye. Nothing says love for a parent like waking up before the rooster to say goodbye. I should try contacting Merriam-Webster! Ok, maybe not. For now, I am focused on the beginning of my new adventure, and I am already missing my family.